24-7 Mobile vehicle Pre-purchase inspections

We at Nocon auto mob tech know how important it is to have the vehicle that you've finally found inspected and ready to go! You've fallen in love with it, I'ts perfect but ''how do I know?'' I'm not buying a lemon?''

We can inspect your new found love anytime, anywhere within Beverly Hills and most of Sydney metro area, from $220 for most sedans and $300 for larger vehicles. (please note higher costs for after hours and weekends)

A further fee may apply for out of area call out fee

What do you get?

-Original copy of report stamped and signed

-Itemised invoice

What does my inspection report involve exactly? Here is the low down,


-   Headgasket combustion gas leak test

-   Coolant system pressure test

-   Engine Exhaust smoke pollutant examination

-   Diagnostic electronic code scan for all modules of vehicle

-   Water Damage and Vehicle body repair Diagnosis detection technology 

-   Rust Detection and past repair work

-   8 point exterior and interior inspection

-   16 point under the hood inspection

-   18 point under the vehicle inspection

-   4 point Luggage compartment inspection

-   15 point Road test inspection

-   Signature and business stamp

-   Copy of Report incl payment Invoice

Every check on the report comes with a satisfactory, Minor and Major issue indication for a better understanding of the vehicle 's condition and bargaining power.

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