With today's different types of vehicles and technology pricing can differ from vehicle to vehicle.

We've made it easy for our customers by providing some examples of pricing for different vehicles.

Here are some which can shed a bit of light, but don't forget you can easily send us your details for an exact quote.

No nasty surprises.

This is a comparison of different vehicles with a STANDARD SERVICE
Same service-different price.

Mazda 2 DE 2007-14 1.5l vvt -                                                 $160

Ford Territory SY SERIES 2005-11 4.0l petrol -                          $195

Mitsubishi triton Mn series turbo Diesel 2.5l

DOCH 2009-2015
( incl diagnostic fault codes check )  -                                       $330

Toyota Corolla ZRE152/153 2007-13 1.8l petrol   -                     $160

(Please note this is genuine parts pricing, aftermarket parts come at a lower price)


(please note further requirements for servicing over $160)

-new oil filter
-semi or full synthetic premium oil
-crush washer
-oil recycle fee
-vehicle safety inspection and fluids check
-Body & engine lubricant
-Operation of key components
-workshop consumables

In the past many vehicles were made the same way making it pretty easy to price most vehicles.

You may have noticed others advertising Minor-intermediate-Major servicing but we believe this can cause a misleading message to our customers unless it's specializing in one particular brand.

These days a fuel filter renewal could be as little as $70 for one vehicle or as much as $400 for another. Two very different prices.

We've made it easy for our customers to know what expect.

All you need to know is how much a standard service is and then just add whatever else needs doing according to manufacturers recommendations on top.

We never carry out work without authorisation so you can know what you're up against for an easy peace of mind transaction.

Here are some other common maintenance procedures and prices

carried out on most vehicles, 

Hydraulic brake system bleed and flush    $120

Cooling system flush and bleed                $100-$150

Tyre rotation                                          $35

Diagnostic fault code check                      $35
(Does not include live data diagnostics)

You can always give us a call and discuss your needs and we'll be happy to give you a free quote.

We charge a very competitive $80hr labour rate and we don't charge to pick up parts or separate travel charges.

What you see is here is what you get.

We are Mobile so all visits incur a $80 call out fee but don't forget the time you save dropping of your car and the time it takes you to get there and back. (No call out fee for servicing only, within 20km radius)

All you need to do is give us a call or click on the link ''BOOK NOW'' above and it's done.

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